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About Whitetracks Helicopters

Whitetracks Helicopters was created as a direct response to demand. This demand firstly presented itself to Whitetracks when we started to offer our clients a fast and incredibly exciting means of transportation for those wishing to take part in winter activities and snow sports in the different resorts in and around the French Alps.

From providing this service, further demand has been created as more and more of you are looking for a quicker, easier and more effective means of getting to your chosen mountain resorts from the different airports - Lyon, Chambery, Grenoble and Annecy in the French Alps or Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Basel and Sion in Switzerland.

People are choosing helicopter transport over the normal resort transfers for many reasons. Whatever your reason; whether it is to cut transfer times, to save boredom in long traffic queues or just an excuse to get to your resort faster in order to get on the mountain as soon as you possibly can.

A helicopter not only provides a fast, time efficient means of getting you to your chosen destination in style but also provides an exciting, thrilling and exhilarating ride (for want of better words) that is combined with one of the best if not the ultimate panoramic birds eye view of the Alps and your chosen resort. This also being the main reason helicopters are used for scenic and sightseeing tours of the different resorts and the surrounding mountains.

Helicopters are the most versatile flying machines in existence today. This versatility gives the pilot complete access to three-dimensional space in a way that no airplane can. The flexibility of helicopters means that they can fly almost anywhere. For these reasons Whitetracks Helicopters have improved our own versatility where helicopters are concerned allowing them to be used for more than just airport transfers and sightseeing flights.

Whether it's for a special occasion and you would like to be picked up from your resort flown around Mont Blanc on an unforgettable scenic tour and then dropped off at an restaurant for lunch where the helicopter will wait for you and then fly you home. Or maybe your looking to buy or build property and you need an aerial view of the surrounding buildings or the plot of land. You may even be making an extreme skiing or snowboarding movie and you need to hire a helicopter in order that the camera man can hang out the open doors to get the perfect footage.



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